Borite Manufacturing

Exclusive Advantages of incorporating Borite Tools:

  • All Borite boring bars provide approximately double life over other tools.
  • Borite boring bars' patented design reduces the danger of chip build-up and corresponding cutting edge translation by providing adequate chip clearance.
  • Borite boring bars reduce special tooling since various shapes and forms may be ground on the cutting end. Also, very adaptable to automation operations.
  • Flat-bottom boring possible without changing tool or facing.
  • Left hand cut available on request.

Carbide Tipped Boring Tools

~ All minimum hole sizes come in three lengths: Short– For counter boring and short hole work. Medium– for General Boring. Long– For those extra depth holes where generally the tool room has to make up for special tooling.~ We stock four grades of carbide tips: C-2 General Purpose: Cast Iron and Non-Ferrous Material C-4 Precision Boring: Cast Iron and Non– Ferrous Material C-6 General Purpose: Steel & Steel Alloys C-8 Precision Boring: Steel & Steel Alloys ~ Shanks ...  Read More

Hi Speed Boring Tools

~ Premium 8% cobalt M-42 High Speed Steel used Exclusively with our own heat treating of RC 66-68 standard. ~ All bore sizes come in two lengths.     “SHORT” provides maximum rigidly for counter boring and short hole boring.      “LONG” with our offset taper, the extra length tool provides more rigidly for deep hole boring. ~ All Hi-Speed tools have ground shanks to fit standard size holders. Special sizes as well as metric shanks quoted on request. ...  Read More

Mini Boring Tools

~ Ease and Precision in small hole boring. ~ All tools ground form the solid. ~ Holders are available in four standard sizes. ~ Hi–Speed and carbide tools are interchangeable in holders. ~ Available in grade c-6 and/ or TIN coated. ...  Read More

High Speed Steel Mini Boring Tools

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Mini Boring Tool Holders

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Screw Down Indexable Boring Tools

~ A new cutting edge may be presented by simply indexing the insert. It is not necessary to remove tool from chuck or tool post.~ Chip breaker eliminates longer stringer chips. Round shanks allow the operator to set positive or negative rake. ~ All tools take one size carbide and one size screw.    Insert #TT-221 has .015" radius.    Insert #TT-222 has .031" radius.    Inserts are sold in boxes of 10.    Please specify grade C-2 or grade ...  Read More

Indexable Lathe Turning Tools

Efficiency:~ A versatile and economical way to replace carbide tipped tool bits. Each tool cuts right, left or plunges. Positive rake cutting and built in chip breaker groove. Inserts available with two different Radii.     Note: C-2, C-5 and TiN coated inserts available. Extra inserts available in boxes of 10.     Our 3/8" square shank tools are ideal for the Hardinge turret lathes.      Screws and Wrenches available in case they are lost or damaged.  Usage ...  Read More


Ultrabore features a renewable tip for greater tool life.  When cutting head is worn beyond use, it can be replaced by BORITE with a completely new cutting head, giving the user the equivalent of a new boring tool. ~ Available in five minimum bore sizes with a full range of holders, adaptable to any standard holder or boring head. ~ All holders are tool steel, hardened and ground. ~ The adjustable length allows use of only the neck ...  Read More

Ultrabore Holders

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Machinists Mate

Machinist's Mate - Self Contained Visual Aid For Machine Set-Up The "Machinists Mate" is an economical sef-contained and versatile precision tool designed to accurately and rapidly assist in almost any machine set-up work.  Simply descibed the "Machinists' Mate" is a visual aid that emits a light which glows to indicate precise contact. Use it on milling machine set up, as an 'edgefinder,' for 'spindle run-out.' Any machinist using "Machinists' Mate" will find dozens of additional uses for ...  Read More

Screw Down Tool Accessories

Screw Down Tool Accessories description ...  Read More

Turning Tools Accessories

Tuning Tools Accessories description ...  Read More

Head Renewal

Head Renewal Description ...  Read More